Coconut Oil: The Best Kept Haircare Secret

Coconut oil can have loads of benefits on your hair and scalp. Learn about them here.

Coconuts truly are one of nature’s greatest gifts. There’s no limit to the number of uses and health benefits a coconut has – that’s why the Coconut Palm Tree has been dubbed the ‘tree of life’. You may have heard that people use coconut oil for cooking, or as a moisturiser for skin. Some people even use it as a natural deodorant (no, we’re not kidding). But, have you ever heard of people using coconut oil for hair? While applying coconut oil to your locks sounds like an express ticket to a greasy mop, stick with us – the long-term benefits of coconut oil for hair will have you buying it in bulk.

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What does coconut oil do for your hair? 

It protects your hair from damage

Coconut oil can penetrate the cuticle, the outer protective covering of your hair fibres, and enrich your hair with lauric acid. This helps restore and strengthen the protein structure of the hair and prevents the cuticle from becoming damaged, which can lead to split ends and breakage. The cuticle is also responsible for allowing water and oil in and out of your hair fibre, so if you want silky and healthy hairlather your locks with some coconut oil and give those cuticles some TLC. 

It conditions your hair

Coconut oil is excellent at retaining moistureLauric acid is easily absorbed deep into the hair shaft and provides your hair with a host of vitamins and minerals to keep it naturally moisturised. Clever, right? 


It has anti-bacterial and antimicrobial properties

Coconut oil’s antimicrobial properties means it can be a good defence against dandruff, which is caused by an overgrowth of fungus or yeast on the scalp. It also has anti-bacterial properties, so it can fight against bacterial and viral infections (and even lice!). 


It can thicken your hair

Applying coconut oil before you wash your hair can lubricate it. This helps your hair withstand the abrasion from washing and grooming, and makes it much less likely to break. Massaging coconut oil onto your scalp will remove sebum from its surface, which paves the way for your hair follicles to penetrate the scalp, resulting in thicker hair. Coconut oil is also said to encourage blood flow to the scalp, creating the best environment for your hair to grow and flourish! 


So now you know the benefitsread on to find out how to incorporate coconut oil into your hair care routineYou’ll be on your way to a healthy head of hair in no time! 


How to use coconut oil for hair

You can try one of the ways below, or you can try Vita Coco’s new haircare range! Our Nourish, Repair and Scalp ranges each use natural coconut oil to give your locks a new lease of life! Each is designed for a different goal in mind, so check them out to see which is right for you.

Alternatively, if you have coconut oil lying around, try one of these techniques.

Before shampoo 

Hair naturally absorbs water, which causes structural changes to the cuticle and makes it weaker. Applying coconut oil before you shower can limit the amount of water that penetrates hair, making it less prone to damage. Coconut oil can also form a protective barrier against shampoosWhile shampooing is essential for cleansing away everyday dirt and pollutionsome can strip the natural oils that your hair and scalp need to stay healthy. Want to protect your locks? Apply coconut oil to your hair around half an hour before you wash it. 

As a conditioner 

Mix a bit of coconut oil with your current conditioner. Thick and nourishing, coconut oil can help to lock those hydrating ingredients into your hair and scalp to deeply moisturise. Although, top tip: don’t overdo it! The last thing you want to do is apply too much coconut oil to your hair, as this can make it difficult to rinse outApplying too much to your scalp can also lead to clogged pores, resulting in irritation and dryness. 

Make a coconut oil hair mask 

That’s right – you can use coconut oil as a DIY hair mask! Simply melt it in a frying pan until it becomes a watery texture, and let it cool until its lukewarm. Then, wet your hair lightland coat the coconut oil evenly across all areasCover your head with a shower cap and leave it to soak for around 2 hours (or overnight for a more thorough conditioning). To get coconut oil out of your hair, shampoo as normal maybe even shampoo it twice for good measure.

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