It’s B Corp Month!

March is the official B Corp Month, in which we celebrate the incredible work being done by companies who balance their purpose with profits.

B Corp Month is about increasing awareness of certified B Corporations, and the actions they’re taking to work towards a more sustainable economy. They’re founded on the view that societal issues cannot be solved by governments and non-profits alone. Businesses (like Vita Coco) have to do more!

Below we reveal everything you need to know about B Corp companies, what makes them different and how we’re flying the B Corp flag  not just this month, but always!

A group of children celebrating Vita Coco Europe's B Corp certification

What is a B Corp?

Certified B Corps do good for the planet and its people! These companies set the standards for others to follow by considering their impact on workers, materials, supply chains, the communities they work in and the environment. B Corp companies do not prioritise profits for shareholders – profits are also used to reduce poverty, restore the environment and create stronger communities. 

In 2020, consumers became more conscious and aware of the societal and environmental impact of their shopping. In February 2021, Certified B Corporation funded a study on UK consumers. It found that 72% believed businesses should have a legal responsibility to the planet and people, alongside maximising profits. Furthermore, 76% said that businesses have a responsibility to protect the natural environment. 

Last year presented extreme challenges, but one thing it was good for was spotlighting these issues. That’s why we hope this year’s B Corp Month can be the most impactful yet!

Is Vita Coco Europe a B Corp?

Yes! We received our B Corp Certification in December 2019, but it was no easy feat. Here’s how we did it...

How Vita Coco Europe became one of the B corp companies


Since the beginning, we’ve cared about our impact on the environment. We make sure that none of our coconuts go to waste. The liquid inside makes up our delicious coconut water, while the meat is used for our superfood coconut oil. We even use the husk as fuel and as natural fertiliser to grow more palm trees! To date, we’ve grown 2.1 million coconut trees – not that we’re counting…


The Vita Coco Project

The Vita Coco Project is our proudest achievement. Since 2014, our mission has been supporting and strengthening communities in remote parts of the world (where we source our coconuts!).

With our Give, Grow, Guide philosophy, we’ve helped farmers increase their profits, diversify their crops and grow sustainably. Not only that, but we’ve supported future generations by building classrooms and awarding scholarships.

So far, we’ve built 30 classrooms and are continuing our mission to bring 1 million people from the coconut industry out of poverty. And we’re not done yet


Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for YOU – the loyal customers who enjoy our delicious coconut products. And that’s what B Corp Month is all about – supporting businesses who use their profits for purpose.

To find out more about Certified B Corporation, visit their website:

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